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What is MikaOne?
It is a powerful service for work and creating your solutions. You can quickly build your solutions, company business processes, forms, views and business rules without developers
System and corporate chat
It is a system and a corporate chat. A system where you can change absolutely everything. You can create a system for your business, with your processes. Or you can create a MVP, prototype for you startup very fast
Customizing views & cards
Customize many views and cards. MikaOne has many options for customizing lists, schedules, calendars, cards. Customize the solution as you wish
and business rules
Create many processes without limitation. Create your company's business rules. Use simple
visual settings. Create a solutions in No code mode
Customizing chats & mobile app
Simple and powerful chat settings. You can create a chat for anything. Chats are created automatically. Manage the rules of the chat. The chat will invite the right users. The chat will remind you of the task deadline, the contract deadline, the need to complete a stage of the process, whatever you want
Personal approach
We will help you build your solutions and services. We can also help train your experts. You will be able to create and develop your solutions and services yourself
Some solutions from our partners
They are made on the basis of our platform.
Extended list - here
Smartis Tasks&Chat
Task and project management
Simple project and task management system with chat.
Create tasks quickly and efficiently, discuss and monitor progress.
and discuss issues in a corporate chat. Manage your projects and ...
Signal TeamWork
Departments, chats and documents
Chat and system. For teamwork of employees of departments. Work with tasks, department files. Create and control department tasks ...
Simple and powerful custom CRM system for working with customer orders. Full cycle from receiving an order to completing it. Visual Emoji chats with customers for communication and feedback. And chats with employees to monitor order fulfillment ...
Requests control
Allow employees to create various requests. Streamline your order processing experience. References from work, requests for access to resources, vacation requests and much more. Save time and upgrade your internal services.
Know to do
Knowledge base and expert chats
For any company that needs to organize work with a knowledge base with employees, partners or clients. Accumulation of experience and its conversion into profit. Library with articles, documents, videos on projects, key events, materials on products and services. Expert chats in different directions.
Sport cube
Sport box intelligence
Powerful solution for sports clubs and academies. Includes work with the main indicators for athletes. Health status, athletic performance. Schedule, training. Well-being surveys. Video and media archives, work with documents, chat that gives tips on what to look for.
Document flow
Documentos oversees all contractual work. As well as the coordination of various documentation. Convenient and customizable approval processes, including through the application or mail. Correspondence on each issue in the chat, bots assistants remind by the timing of the agreement.
HR mobile
HR processes. Coordination of vacancies, vacations, training and adaptation of employees
This solution will help the HR leader build HR processes. Suitable for companies with a large flow of employees.
This solution allows you to automate the processes of approving applications for vacancies and searching for personnel. As well as training and adaptation of personnel. There is an opportunity to train and test employees. The solution also includes a knowledge base. Employees come and go - knowledge remains!
Boss Reaction
Management of company performance and strategic tasks
This is a unique service that allows you to create the intelligence of your business, collect information on different areas of business from different systems (sales, production, HR). The solution can analyze and provide hints, generate reports, indicate deviations. It is a system with analytics and a powerful corporate chat. Create strategic important tasks. They can be created directly from messages, very quickly!
The intelligence of the system can be trained without development (no code). This system will help you monitor various key indicators of the company!
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